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How would YOU like to...

  • Relieve 93-100% of Your Lower Back Pain in the Next 25-Minutes...or Less?
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  • Wake Up in the Morning WITHOUT Lower Back Stiffness...As You Spring Out of Bed-Refreshed and Ready for the Day?
  • Relieve Excruciating Pain That You Feel From Bending Over and Picking Things Up or After Working Out Too Hard?
  • Delay or Even Cancel Risky Lower Back Surgery...Because With This BRAND NEW Home Therapy Method-You MIGHT Not Even Need It!
  • Quickly Overcome Burning & Stabbing Pain and Numbness Caused By Sciatica and Stenosis...Right At Home?

A Personal Letter From Leon Lavigne:

Author of My Fitness Secrets Beverly Hills Celebrity Trainer Tells All!

CEO & Exercise Therapist, Executive Fitness Consultant, Beverly Hills Fitness Group, inc. 

Dear Friend,

I feel for you because I know what its like...Before this *miracle* program was discovered, my lower back was out of control and hurting all the time too.

...Ever since the day I was rear-ended in that horrible car accident...my life took a complete˙360...

From that point forward, it was pain and stiffness in the morning when I woke up and pain and stiffness in the evening when I lay down.

Heck I had pain even after I just sat in my desk for an hour.

... I Had Pain for What Seemed Like No Reason At All!

I tried going to the chiropractor...this gave me relief for about 24 hours, but the pain came right back (and it was expensive).

Then I went to the physical therapist, but they just really didn't seem to understand the problem, and the pain STILL stuck around.

I even went as far as getting steroid epidurals in my lower back to get some relief. That worked for just a few month and it cost thousands of dollars.

...but that was just me.

Are YOU REALLY  Sick of Suffering from Lower Back Pain?

 Be honest with me here, I want to know...

...have you ever injured your back in some type of accident (lifting, falling, car accident) where the initial pain you felt was EXCRUCIATING, and even though you completed physical therapy, the pain just seems to always stick around?

...have you ever felt a lower back muscle spasm just come OUT OF NOWHERE as you were bending over or twisting to reach for something, but before you could react, it was too late?

...have you ever thought or been told that you have a "BAD BACK" and wondered what that REALLY meant?

...have you noticed that the pain HURTS MORE on the side of your lower back radiating down into your hips or legs OR in the middle of your lower back preventing you from standing up straight?

...have you ever woke up on the couch or had to sleep in an unfamiliar bed while on vacation and when you woke up in the morning you could barely move because your back hurt so bad?

...have you ever had to sit in the car or on an airplane for a long trip and when you stopped to get out, you could barely walk because your lower back felt so tight and weak?

...have you ever noticed that your lower back hurts more in the morning, for what would seem like no reason at all, but then as the day goes on it seems to loosen up (until the next day when it starts all over again)?

...have you ever thought that just because one of your parents had a bad lower back, you would be next in line and that's "just the way it is"

...have you ever been diagnosed with lower back pain or sciatica by your doctor, but found that that stretches and exercises that they recommended to fix it didn't really work to eliminate the pain?

Do any of these sound like you?

How Would You Like To Learn About a Little Known Pain Relief Technique That Took Only 25-Minutes to Do...and Got You 93-100% Relief the Very First Time You Did It?

Friend, I'm trying to help you out here...But if you are one of those types of people who just like to sit there and wallow in the pain and never,ever get better, there's not much I can do for you here.

This program is for people who are genuinely sick and tired of going through life with this giant weight on their back and are ready to just let it "drop off" and start living living life again.

This method works when you do it on a regular basis,

And if you do...you will might never have a problem with lower back pain, EVER again!

Yes, I know this whole thing might sound a little far-fetched,

...I mean its the year 2009, haven't doctors and therapists come up with everything that they are ever going to that could possibly help people with this problem?

If I hadn't experienced the relief for myself, I might be a little skeptical too.

You can take it to the bank that this program is absolutely 100% true, and its going to help you so much.

These fine people are living proof of this programs effectiveness:

Get Ready To Discover: The Truth About Lower Back Pain...

  • The 25-Minute Pain Relieving Exercise Video!

  • You Download it For Instant Access And FASTER Relief.

  • 15-Easy But Powerful Muscle Activation Exercises.

  • 7-Laser Targeted Stretches That Make Pain Rapidly Disappear!

  • Do Them the Order I Recommend, and Your Pain Will Never Be a Problem Again!

Regular Price:$97.00

Sale Price:$19.95

The Secret To How It Works So Well is: The Lavigne Muscle Activation Principle

I'm sure by now you've tried doing various stretches for your pain...given to you by your chiropractor, or that you found online or seen someplace else...

And as you probably already discovered: some may work a little and others really don't work at all for you.

...Even though experts say they are supposed to fix the problem 100% of the time in all people.

After all, we all have the same muscles right?

BUT the problem is that YOU ARE NOT FEELING YOUR MUSCLES the way you are supposed to.

...and if you can't feel your muscles: you CAN'T stretch them the right way.

It's practically IMPOSSIBLE! 

As you can already imagine, if you aren't stretching properly...the pain just sticks around.

Unfortunately, sometimes even for a lifetime.

This program overcomes this issue by first activating the muscles that are causing the problem with my targeted therapeutic exercises,

...and then once the muscles are "awake" and working properly:

We'll hit them with with powerful and laser targeted: Lavigne Edge Stretches that loosen up the right muscles, the right way,

...Every time!

Here is a Free Sample of How it Works...

Lower back pain ON THE SIDE of your lower back (SCIATICA):

Is largely caused by a non-activated piriformis muscle-being pulled tighter and tighter over your sciatic nerve.

...creating long lasting referred lower back pain.

To fix it is simple:

  1. Activate the piriformis muscle.

  2. Stretch it.

  3. Strengthen it.

  4. Stretch is some more from a different angle.


Lower back pain that you feel in the middle of your back can be fixed by

  1. Stretching the psoas muscles, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

  2. Strengthening the gluteus medius.

  3. Activating and strengthening the transverse abdominis.


It's really that easy!

OK, OK I get that anatomy may not be your strong suit, but you can rest assured that when we go through it in my step-by-step video...

You won't have a question that goes un-answered!

As you can probably see, I deal with lower back problems just like yours on a daily basis, so I know just what you are up against.

...And once you get a hold of ALL of my favorite tips and tricks...the pain is almost always gone in less than 25-minutes!

If you do the program 2 or 3 days in a row, your back will feel strong and healthy like it never even had a problem.

I promise that you'll be blown away!

This Powerful Formula Is A 25-Minute Pain-Relieving Exercise Video...

No, it's not like Jane Fonda's where she is bouncing around all over the place doing step aerobics.

It's a RELAXING and easy-to-do light exercise and stretching workout that you can do right at your computer or burn it to a DVD and watch on your television.

All of the content was developed in my Beverly Hills gym, but I shot it in my warm and cozy living room, so its got an intimate and "homey" feel to it.

If you used them all separately or did them in a different order...it MIGHT NOT fix the problem.

But once they are "piggy-backed" and fighting the pain in unison...your lower back pain doesn't stand a chance!

It's been tested on hundreds of people already and it works like crazy giving rapid relief to about 99% of them.

The 1% who it didn't help, bought it, downloaded it and never looked it again!  (But I'm sure you are not one of those kind of stubborn people right?)

...It's the best of the best "highlight reel" of the activation and strengthening exercises I've developed over the years as a personal trainer and exercise therapist.

And found to be the most effective...

When you combine that with my powerful and laser targeted stretches that go to work at the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM,

...you have a SCIENTIFIC FORMULA to cause nearly a 100% pain relief by the first time you have watched it.

If there is any remaining pain, it is usually gone in in the next 3 days...Guaranteed!

Your Lower Back Pain Doesn't Stand A Chance Against This Powerful Program... You Can Start To Feel Good Again In The Next 10-25 Minutes:

Here is what else this exciting program will do for you:

  • You'll patch-up your lower back FOR GOOD and build a rock-solid foundation of confidence that YOU are in control of your lower back and the way that it feels from now on.

  • The ability to HEAL YOURSELF and banish your pain with your new found wisdom...You'll gain a deeper understanding of what is actually causing your back pain to attack you when you least expect it!

  • You'll quickly be able to identify which of the exercises and stretches work the BEST for YOU and your unique needs...so that you can swiftly knock out life ruining pain in about 5-minutes, should it ever return.

  • A slimmer and flatter lower belly that's inches slimmer than before... because these 2 AMAZING core re-programming exercises ALSO make your clothes fit better!

  • Got love handles? Not anymore!  These 3 "pain in the sides" relieving exercises also help your back-fat DISAPPEAR!

  • You can tone up your butt and harden it as you relieve your pain.  These 5 easy exercises DO BOTH!...It's the ultimate in multi-tasking.  LOOK great and FEEL great...fast!

  • You'll SAVE hundred or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist and can use ALL THAT TIME AND MONEY for enjoying all the other things that you'd much rather be doing anyway!

  • If you've been told that you require surgery...It can help DELAY it to when it is a more convenient time for you...or possibly even get you out of it altogether!

  • You'll be able to relieve your pain WITHOUT liver damaging drugs that nauseate you and damage your liver and kidneys, potentially shortening your life!

  • Whenever you travel, you'll have a POWERFUL new companion that will guard your lower back like from the dangers of sitting in an uncomfortable, back wrecking airplane or car seat for long periods of time.

  • A youthful bounce in your stride will soon return to you...now that the downward pulling forces of gravity will be miraculously lifted from your poor and undeserving lower back!

To Sweeten The Deal A Little More For You: If You Order The Truth About Lower Back Pain Before Midnight On  -I'll Also Include These Other Two Valuable Bonus Gifts!

Gift #1: Fat Loss Solved...Professional Fat Loss Video.

  • Teaches you how to increase your energy throughout the day and burn fat while you sleep.

  • Discover the best food to eat to melt fat off your body fast!

  • Used by ALL my clients who want to lose body fat.

  • The EASIEST diet to follow for losing body fat, and finally keeping it off!

Gift #2: My TOP SECRET AB Training Program.

  • Learn my "Secret method" for activating your abdominal muscles so that they pop-right out when you work them!

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  • Polishes your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and core muscles!

*The Value of These Two Bonuses is $47 Each But You'll Pay Absolutely Nothing For Them When You Fix Your Lower Back Pain With Me Today!

Try Out The Truth About Lower Back Pain With ZERO Risk Whatsoever!

I know this program is going to help you with your lower back problems forever.

I know that it's going to help you relieve your pain very, VERY quickly and transform your back into the loose, flexible and youthful back that it used to be. 

And I'm SO CONVINCED of that fact that I'd like to put any chance of it not working COMPLETELY on me!

...Here's what I'm going to do for you:

I'm going to give you a downloadable copy of The Truth About Lower Back Pain and the 2 great bonuses videos entirely at MY RISK.

If you like it and it works for you, FANTASTIC! You'll get to go on with your life and feel great like you used to...(or possibly even better!)

But if you feel that it didn't help your pain...you'll STILL get to keep the $94 in GREAT FREE GIFTS as a gift from me!
I could not POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you!

When you click on a button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your program (You can use Pay Pal or a valid credit or debit card for your order).

Watch my simple and easy program from beginning to end. You will feel INSTANT RESULTS...like a giant weight being lifted off your back!

...It is truly a miracle that you can get this!

If you decide that it didn't help you and improve our quality of life just send me an email within 30-days and I'll give you 100% of your money back.

I truly want to help you get out of pain FAST. I get "thank-you emails" every day from men and women who love using my video to keep their back feeling great, and I want to help you out too.

The regular price of this program is $97.  But if you buy it BEFORE 11:59 P.M. on you can get it for the incredibly low price of $39.95.

If you are at all interested in trying it out, I urge you to take action TODAY so you don't miss out on this amazing deal and have to pay more later on after the sale is over.

Click on the link below, and place your order now:

Armed and equipped with this knowledge, I promise and guarantee that you are going to have a healthy new back within 30 days of using this program.

*But you won't have to wait THAT long because within just 1-hour  you'll see 5-dramatic improvements happening. You'll notice:

  1. Your lower back feels looser and less constricted than before.

  2. The sharp and nagging pain that you used to feel in your back is evaporating into thin air.

  3. Going through your day is now a breeze because the pain that used to irritate you is now a distant memory.

  4. The feeling of nervousness you used to get before you would do something that could possibly aggravate your back is COMPLETELY GONE.

  5. Your back finally feels YOUNG AGAIN! (thank Goodness!)

I want you to experience all of these improvements and LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest…feeling healthy, pain free and great about your future!


And now it's up to you to make it happen.

Don't let another day go by. Make the decision right now to create a new HEALTHIER pain-free life for yourself… and don't ever let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

It's time.


I'll see you inside...

Committed to Your Health!




Leon Lavigne
CEO & Executive Fitness Consultant
Beverly Hills Fitness Group Inc.

"The Healthy Lower Back Trainer Of Beverly Hills."

P.S. This program will give you the tools to quickly and completely transform your lower back into a healthier pain-free one. You'll be amazed at just how quickly you feel the tightness loosening and pain evaporating... The reduction in your pain will start happening immediately. Chances are this program contains EXACTLY what you need to fix your lower back, and keep it healthy. I guarantee it will work for you as it has for so many other people. Don't hesitate... get this program now. You won't be disappointed and you have nothing to lose whatsoever.

P.P.S.  If you have any questions about this program, live chat with me if I am available or leave a message for me and I will reply asap.

"My Lower Back Has Never Felt Better!"

"I had suffered  for years with lower back pain.  The pain pretty much came out of nowhere, and I was left defenseless against it.  That was until I tried your program.  Now I use it every day, and my back feels great because of it!"

Many thanks,

Mike M.

"The Sciatica Caused By My Pregnancy Is Healed!"

My back had been hurting for about 5 months after the delivery of my second child.  I used Leon's lower back healing system and experienced about a 99.5% recovery from the pain in just a few minutes. I couldn't believe it! I highly recommend using  this system if your back hurts!  It's helped me considerably!

Melissa L.

 "Being Free From Constant Pain has Really Changed My Quality of Life."

"I have experienced a great deal of lower back pain ever since my car accident last year, and it just grew worse and worse over time. I tried everything to get better, including chiropractors, physical therapy, massage, and very painful epidural shots into my spine. I knew that unless I wanted to get surgery, I had to get stronger. After working with Leon's program for a week, I noticed that I wake up feeling good, feel strong and flexible throughout the day, and go to bed without pain - a real miracle for me. As I continue the program, I am getting stronger and more flexible, and I can lift my 30 lb child without pain. Being free from constant pain has really changed my quality of life. I get out of the house a lot more and do more activities with my husband and child. It's just a miracle that being free from back pain has made me a better wife and mom. Thank you Leon, you and your program are true gifts."

Dawn W.

"I Use Your Back Pain Program All the Time and My Lower Back Feels Amazing!"

I use different parts of it in all of my workouts to keep my back feeling great.  It really doesn't take too much time at all!

Lourdes N.

"100% Recovery In 24 Minutes!"

"Your program has helped me feel so much better.  I could barely even walk my lower back was so tight."

Thank you very much!"

Javid S.

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