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Dear Fellow Lower Back Pain Sufferer,

Let me guess, your lower back's been acting up AGAIN huh?  I remember those days, and it was the worst time of my life!

It completely puts your life on hold when it goes out.

...And unlike other joint problems like shoulders or elbows, it usually won't even let you get out of bed when it attacks.

And if you do manage to get it under control with medication or by going to an expensive and painful bone-cracking visit to a chiropractor or physical therapist,

There are no guarantees that the pain will stay gone for more than a day or two.


Because, just when you think that its "demonic possession" has left your spine for a while, it pops up again from out of nowhere like a SCUD missile.

...creating havoc and turning everything upside down in your life.

Causing you to miss work, and creating a burden for your friends and loved ones who have to go out of their way to take care of you.


Aren't You Sick Of Being At The Mercy Of Your Lower Back Pain?

 It's Costing You, Time, Money And Embarrassment...And Putting A Burden On The People Who Love And Are Close To You!

I know, sometimes the pain is manageable and not so bad right?

Some days it even feels pretty good.

...and you can still go on with your life and daily activities.

But its just so frustrating to feel the same unpredictable, crippling pain in your lower back day-in-and-day-out, month after month. 

And the worst part of it all is that once you get lower back pain, the debilitating pain can go on for year after year...

Coming and going, and coming and going...Until the day you die!




I Can Remember The Days That MY Lower Back Used To Hurt All The Time...


For me it started after a fateful day of minding my own business, sitting at a red light in my BMW.

The car that hit me from behind must have been doing about 45 mph as it pushed through my rear bumper into the trunk.

The shockwaves from the impact threw my body forward but thankfully the seatbelt snapped my body right back.

I definitely would have gone through the windshield otherwise.

However, the recoil back into the seat was so strong and powerful that it not  only broke my headrest, but shattered the frame of the drivers seat.

The pain I felt was indescribable!

And was rushed to the emergency room...

Days later, according to my orthopedist and the MRI results, I'm left with a total of five bulging disks in my low back and neck.

...A prison sentence of lower back pain...from 34 to life!

...So Believe Me! I KNOW About Crippling Pain!

Because I'm a trainer, I have been working out almost my entire life, but I had to completely stop because the pain was so unbearable.

I wasn't sure what to do, so I listened to a "friend" who recommended that I put my trust in the hands of chiropractors and physical therapists to try and heal me.

That was almost worse than the pain from the accident...

Driving all over town to go through painful bone cracking adjustments four days a week is not exactly my idea of a good time...

But I did it, because I thought it would work.

...But unfortunately for me...it didn't!

A Total Of 104 Chiropractic Adjustments Didn't Make My Low Back Pain Go Away! ...And That's When I Totally Flipped Out From The Frustration And Decided To Try Something Radical...


The two powerful steroid injections in my spine gave me a tremendous sense of relief for about a month each...

But at $5000 a pop, it was a huge gamble and I couldn't afford to do more than a few.

They said that the relief I would get "might" be permanent...They were wrong!

Thirty days later I was run down, $10,000 poorer and exhausted...and that frustrating lower back pain was starting to return again.

I didn't know what to do anymore so I took my


 broken down body back to bed and...

I did the only thing that was left other than putting surgical screws in my spine and fusing my vertebra together...

I started praying...and praying.

To be relieved from this horrible, burning and never ending pain in my lower back! I was really shocked that almost overnight, my prayers were being answered...


Here Is How This Amazing 10-Minute Lower Back Saving "Miracle Program" Got Its Birth...

As a personal trainer, I work with people on a daily basis in their homes, inventing and creating new exercises to help them meet their fitness goals.


I've followed the treatment protocols and systems set by my personal training certification for years... and gotten people really good results and recovered many from their back pain in doing so.

MANY times, I've strayed from the norm and created new exercises and stretches on the spot that helped people get out of pain that has been plaguing them for years.

But the one thing that always bugged me was that there was NO set protocol or "system" for getting rid of low back pain fast and to keep it away for any extended period of time.

I can't count the number of people I've seen over the years who I could have helped with this information...

If I had only known the truth about how to heal this dreaded condition back when I started my training career 12 years ago.

Anyways, I started doing the exercises that the physical therapists and chiropractors had always recommended I do...But A Different Way!


The ways that they showed me I think were invented back in the 30's or something by a doctor who didn't have a clue about muscle dysfunctions, and how they really work...

I always jump into this kind of thing with both feet, so I even did a thorough search of the internet for any new information that might help me out,

...And 99% of the stuff out there was the same watered down, generalized stuff that the chiropractors were preaching!

But when I made subtle changes to what THEY recommended for me to do to heal myself it was a completely different experience!

Their ways were supposed to work in THEORY...mine worked in reality!

Their way, would take multiple visits to heal the pain...if it did at all!

Mine took one visit and the pain relief was immediate. 

You knew it was gone because it was like a large weight being lifted off your back!


...And You Know That It's NOT Your Fault That Your Back Hurts Right?

Personally, I blame most of it on the inventor of the office chair....and maybe a little bit on your boss for making you work so hard!

But seriously, when it all comes down to it:

SITTING in front of your computer and driving for extended periods of time without taking breaks are by far the biggest offenders to your low back health of all!

Here's why...

You see, the muscles in your body are a lot like silly putty. When you put silly putty in a mold, it takes on that unique shape, right?

You can make it in the form of whatever you like. And your muscles do the exact same thing,

But the problem is that after sitting for extended periods of time your muscles start to get and STAY in that particular chair shape... almost permanently.

In doing so, some muscles get really tight and strong and others get really long, stretched out and weak.

Now because your muscles are designed to balance each other out, the problem arises when these stretched out muscles literally can't take the tension anymore from the really tight and strong muscles.


...And they go into spasm and shut down. Its kind of like they are getting overworked day in and day out...

Until one day they just can't take it anymore and decide to go on strike!

This hurts...A LOT

And the worst part of it is that the pain from this can go on FOR YEARS until the imbalance is corrected.



This Special Program Addresses How To Correct These Unique And Painful Imbalances In Your Body...

Its my personal formula of scalpel-like exercises and laser-targeted stretches. They go right to the painful spots where it hurts, and correct all of these life-wrecking muscle imbalances along the way!

...These exercises and stretches are the same ones that I used to relieve my own immense pain that I was suffering from after the career threatening automobile accident I endured.

I systematically designed and created these exercises, feeling exactly how they are supposed to feel and work, on my body.

...And then perfected the intensity and order that they should go in on dozens of my personal training clients who suffered with the same low back pain symptoms as you do.

Simply Put: It's Genius!

These exercises and stretches are simple to learn and you can FEEL that you are doing them correctly when you perform then.

But even more importantly is the RELIEF that you'll feel immediately after the first day of using them.



There Is No Guesswork Involved, And Your Low Back Pain Doesn't Even Stand A Chance!

If you are a beginner and not someone who exercises regularly, the whole program literally can be learned in about thirty minutes at the most.

People who exercise regularly will be masters at this in only about ten minutes.

Check out what these relieved people had to say about my low back pain relieving methods...

"My Lower Back Has Never Felt Better!"

"I had suffered  for years with lower back pain.The pain pretty much came out of nowhere, and I was left defenseless against it.That was until I tried your program.Now I use it every day, and my back feels great because of it!"

Many thanks,

Mike M.

"The Sciatica Caused By My Pregnancy Is Healed!"

My back had been hurting for about 5 months after the delivery of my second child.  I used Leon's low back healing system and experienced about a 99.5% recovery from the pain in just a few minutes. I couldn't believe it! I highly recommend using  this system if your back hurts!  It's helped me considerably!

Melissa L.

 "Being Free From Constant Pain has Really Changed My Quality of Life."

"I have experienced a great deal of low back pain ever since my car accident last year, and it just grew worse and worse over time. I tried everything to get better, including chiropractors, physical therapy, massage, and very painful epidural shots into my spine. I knew that unless I wanted to get surgery, I had to get stronger. After working with Leon's program for a week, I noticed that I wake up feeling good, feel strong and flexible throughout the day, and go to bed without pain - a real miracle for me. As I continue the program, I am getting stronger and more flexible, and I can lift my 30 lb child without pain. Being free from constant pain has really changed my quality of life. I get out of the house a lot more and do more activities with my husband and child. It's just a miracle that being free from back pain has made a better wife and mom. Thank you Leon, you and your program are true gifts."

Dawn W.

I Use Your Back Pain Program All the Time and My Lower Back Feels Amazing!

I use different parts of it in all of my workouts to keep my back feeling great.  It really doesn't take too much time at all!

Lourdes N.

"100% Recovery In 24 Minutes!"

"Your program has helped me feel so much better.  I could barely even walk my lower back was so tight."

Thank you very much!"

Javid S.


I've Made It Simple To Learn How To Fix Your Low Back And Stay Pain Free Forever!

Only $39.95

  • Presented in an easy to learn downloadable video format.

  • You'll Get Instant access, so you can use it immediately!

  • Use it to get your back healthy today and for the rest of your life.

  • The next best thing to having me right there in your living room directing you on what to do next.


This Program Is For People Who Really Want To Get Rid Of Their Low Back Pain And Get Their Lives Back On Track...

Look, when it comes down to it, your muscles are ALWAYS going to have that shape absorbing quality of silly putty.

...And as long as you have to sit for any extended periods of time, you are ALWAYS going to be faced with low back pain.

It's almost like having a disease that requires ongoing treatment...Forever!

I know its a shock, but unfortunately, That's just the way it is.

I'm sorry to be so blunt and to the point, but you needed to hear it so you can accept it and move forward with your life.

...But isn't it reassuring to know that you are about to be in control of your back again and have the keys to fix and manage this problem at your fingertips right NOW?

...And if you use it regularly, you can manage to avoid being in pain for a long long time.


...Take Your Pick.


If You Lived In Beverly Hills I'd Personally Drive To Your Home To Give You This Program For $500!

...And let's face it: the time, money, pain and misery that it will save you, plus the fact that it is a permanent solution to managing this lifelong problem probably makes it WORTH AT LEAST THAT MUCH to you huh?

But, because its probably not a reality for me to come to your place and still get home in time for dinner with my wife and three kids,

I am definitely willing to work out something reasonable in regards to what I'll charge you for it.

So let's put it into perspective of what this program is REALLY worth to you so you know what you are SAVING in the long run:

Six months of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments for you pain will cost you almost $4500.00 (and not to mention your lost time and missed wages from work).

...And will be money out the window once the pain comes BACK.

If you were to go in for a massage even once a week for the pain at a minimum of $50, you would spend about $2600 over the course of the year,

And would still pay a LOT more for what I am going to charge you to learn this life changing program.


A years supply of Advil, Tylenol or other types of pain killers and anti-inflammatories will cost you no less than $300.  And the liver and kidney damaging effects on your body could be immeasurable!

This program will add value to your life from now until the rest of your life. 

Whenever and if ever your back goes out or starts hurting again... instead of doing one of the previous options...you just do my healthy and inexpensive program!

Plus: Seize This Valuable Limited Time Offer:

...For A Short While, I Also Offering These 2 Ethical Bribes To Get You Off The Fence...Yours FREE to keep! No Matter What!

Fat Loss...Solved!-Rapid Fat Loss Diet Video

Since you have lower back pain, I'm guessing that there is a good chance that you are at least a little bit overweight...especially in your abdomen?.... am I right?
Well, studies show that every pound of fat that you hold in this area adds 15-20 pounds of pressure directly on your lower back...precisely in the spot that hurts the most!

My powerful diet video: Fat Loss...Solved is the exact same program that I give to my face to face clients to lose all their extra body fat.
You could use it to literally lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks...its THAT powerful.

My Top Secret Ab Muscle Reprogramming Video

This step by step ab training video teaches you the 7 exercises you need to learn to get a six-pack.  But these are not just ANY exercises...they are exercises designed to activate and reprogram your abdominal muscles, so that you learn to use them properly and make ALL of your abdominal training 310% more effective.  Once you have your abdominal muscles activated...getting a 6-pack is as easy as 1-2-3!

*These are the exact same tools that I give my personal training clients, and the experience you'll get will be just like I was there training you in your workout room.
The combined value of these two great bonuses is $147...but you won't pay a dime for them when you purchase "The Truth About Fixing Lower Back Pain" ...today

Like I keep saying,

I Know What Its Like To Truly Suffer From Low Back Pain, So I Can Understand What Dealing With This Pain Must Be Like For You!

As you might have guessed by the passion in my voice and the after going through MY whole painful ordeal...

I'm on a mission!...A mission to help anyone and everyone that needs this product.  Some might even call me an Evangelist for relieving the world from lower back pains!

...I'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help everyone who is hurting and looking for a life changing solution like this one. I want to make the your ailment disappear so you can get your life back in order as quickly as humanly possible!


...I'll Even Take ALL The Risk And Back It Up With This Guarantee...

*When you sign up for my product, you can try it out for a full 30-days to make sure that it really works for you!

I believe in this product will all of my heart, and I just know you are just going to LOVE it!

Most of your pain relief is going to come the very first time you use it...and after a week at the most: your pain will be completely gone!

Invest in this lower back saving miracle course TODAY for...

 ONLY: $64.95



I've eliminated all the risk and put the burden entirely on me  to sell you an amazing and valuable product, because...

I Really Don't Want Your Money...I Mainly Just Want You To Be Out Of Pain!

And this is the perfect way to see if this will help you... Because after you've had a chance to go through it and watch the step by step video, where I practically come through your computer screen and work-out the pain with my own two hands.

...You'll experience about a 85-95% sense of relief from your lower back pain within the first 15-20 minutes.

...You will know THAT QUICKLY if this is the right program for you!

and if for some reason you feel that it doesn't help or work for you:

 Simply shoot me an email and I'll quickly send you a refund, with no If's, And's, or But's.

Fair enough, huh?

I know that this may sound a little cliché: but, the only thing you really have to lose is your back pain!

I can't count the number of times that I've been told that this solution is amazing, and I know that it will completely change your life when you give it a chance!

So let's end your lower back pain today!

It's time.





Leon Lavigne
CEO & Executive Fitness Consultant
Beverly Hills Fitness Group Inc.


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